May 2, 2015: My Inauguration 

Today there are zero people reading my blog. That ok, because this is my first post on my first blog. Also, I don’t blog because I care about a readership. I blog because I love to write. I’m curious about anything you can possibly imagine.  I’m a 25 year old American guy and yes, the picture is of me. I have a biology degree from Central Connecticut State University and I was born and raised in Connecticut. I’m an avid reader and, like I said, I’m interested in pretty much everything. This blog will primarily involve my ideas and thoughts concerning the issues of the day. Politics, science, art, philosophy, travel, personal stories…everything. 

What am I all about?  I consider myself to be politically conservative but that is far too broad a classification. More specifically, I champion common sense, logic and rational thought. Nowhere in the contents of this blog will you find anything that can be characterized as bigoted, racist, misongynistic or dogmatic. Some posts may address sensitive issues and may even upset some readers. When I raise a sensitive issue, I will present both sides of the debate fairly and objectively in addition to adding my own thoughts. Some will not agree. Some will. But America works best when the public is engaged, informed and passionate about the issues of the day. 

Millenials typically aren’t engaged in the affairs of our times. They’re apathetic towards such things. Millennials are those of us born after 1980 and before 2000. We are the last generation to have seen the pre-social-media and Internet dominated world. But now, there’s so much information at our fingertips that I think many of us have forgotten how to think for ourselves. I know I sound idealistic but it’s true. We need to learn how to separate the good information from the crap. In my blog, I aim to write about things that are important, as best I can. 

 The times in which we live are exciting, dangerous and by the time we reach old age, the world will have changed drastically. We are now coming of age and as we transition to adulthood, we will be in a position to manifest our thoughts and ideas. Many of us are politically uninterested and that needs to change. Over the course of the next 30 years, we will assume the leading roles in our society. This sounds corny but we really are the future. We can have a very powerful influence on the world. Indeed, we are about to inheret the world. In order to shape a positive 21st century, we must be informed. To be informed, we must share ideas. So let’s talk. 


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